That said, here’s a quick look at the number of deaths for recent years:

2018-2019 Flu 2019-2020 Flu 2020 COVID-19 2021 COVID-19

Deaths 34,000 22,000 385,666 463,206

Flu estimates have not been calculated for 2020-2021 due to “historically low numbers.”

lol how convenient huh?

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But there are more differences. COVID-19:

Is more contagious

Affects taste and smell, which is uncommon with the flu

Can cause unique complications, such as blood clots, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, and long-term symptoms that persist well beyond the actual infection (long COVID)

And then there is that great load of tripe that it affects taste and smell. Really? Are you certain that is not a result of obsessive mask wearing? This is all make it up as you go along lies and you must know in your heart you are not arguing or protecting truth but business interests of a corrupt industry...

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The seven day average death count from "Covid-19" in the U.S.A is 556.

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Either you are a psychopath or dyslexic and have misquoted the figures or I'm not sure. Are you aware that the average weekly U.S death toll is not 4000 as you stated in your article but roughly 600? Obviously regarding "Covid"? Or is that just loose journalism and you wanted to just dangerously place the heart attack inducing alarmist figure of 4000 where it best suited your manic heart? Do you understand that posting nonsense like that on the internet is basically terrorism? And that you are in fact a terrorist?

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